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Remote I / O with IP 20 standard which is fully developed according to customer needs and demands
–remote our system; Fast and Practical installation improves efficiency and performance by offering fully compatible solutions for applications to minimize system downtime and safe startup of the system.

Thin module design and module feeds require less feed module technology with less space in the panel to minimize your designs. At the same time without the need for hand tools to install the practical module structure through the web server to connect with the system control, installation and force feature to test the system to be safe by the user to offer advantages and minimizes installation time on both the board and the machine side. Status indicator LEDs on the modules and channel inputs simplify fault detection by shortening service times.

Beside these mentioned features, u-remote, which is equipped with a lot of rational design and technologies, provides its users with a more transparent structure by moving their machines and systems from operation to planning to a more transparent structure.