Our Policy

Bringing together our customers' expectations with the innovations of our sector is our primary goal as ARDA.
To achieve this goal;

   > To increase the activities of our employees and to encourage their creativity through planned training activities,

   > All parties involved; to have a mutual and continuous learning organization with the contributions of our suppliers, business partners, customers and employees,

   >Extending the management model of the Quality Management System with continuous improvement and targets to all possible activities,

   >Carrying out a management system that complies with our legal responsibilities against third parties in accordance with national and international legislation and laws in our field of activity,

   > To plan and manage time, information, labor, material, machinery and financial resources in all projects we serve in an integrated and effective way,

   >In all systems within the scope of Electrical Engineering, in accordance with customer expectations and satisfaction, to determine and deliver and deliver economic and applicable solutions quickly and accurately in the fields of application and testing, commissioning, maintenance and consultancy,

   > We have met our customer requirements on time and in a timely manner, measuring our customers' perceptions and expectations at regular intervals, improving our service quality within the framework of our resources and taking measures to increase customer satisfaction.