Omron E3FC - New Photoelectric Sensors


The new M18 body E3FC family is best for environmental conditions in the food processing industry, including regular washing applications.

SUS361L (stainless steel) housing and connector / cable ends filled with epoxy resin and industrial detergents and high
provides superior protection against pressure cleaning. As a result, the sensor can
significantly increases the service life in total cost savings.



Sensor resistance with various detergents of Ecolab and Diversey and also surface
proven by heat shock test in water.




Product family; composed of mutual, reflective, reflective and background suppression models
offers a complete series. It shares the optical performance of the recently introduced E3FA / E3FB family.
The improved sensing distance in the user-friendly compact housing is visible for all models
red LED and fast response time.


The best choice in washing applications. Tested with Ecolab and Diversey's industrial cleaners.