New Modicon M241

With the new Modicon M241, Schneider Electric is expanding its portfolio thanks to its PLC, one of the most powerful and advanced machine controllers available on the market.

Setting the standards in its class, the new Modicon M241 introduces Schneider Electric as a member of a new generation of control devices with automation solutions for machine building.

  Schneider Electric, a worldwide expert in energy management, takes the Machine Struxure technology and the multi-controller platform to the next level, using the Modicon M241, the new product family of controllers, by introducing the Modicon M241.

With the new generation MachineStruxure, Schneider Electric guarantees that automation solutions will deliver the best performance for many years, and presents a comprehensive service network and engineering strategies for the development of machine building solutions with automation products and systems. The Modicon M241 also sets new standards for the processor performance and speed of its class. Its impressive performance with its dual-core processor allows the controller to operate with the most consistent short cycle times, even in large-scale communication tasks. The Modicon M241 offers a wide range of interfaces, even within its basic configuration. These include USB, Ethernet, two serial communication ports and an integrated Web server for remote access via mobile devices.

The I / O terminal block of the Modicon M241 offers the easiest and ergonomic connection to the terminals, designed with a distance of 5.08 mm and opening a small door on the housing. The integrated PTO is also standard on this controller. With these interfaces, users can connect one or two Lexium series servo drives (or thirdparty servos) without the need for a fieldbus network.

The Modicon M241 is part of the customized configuration of I / O and function modules and controller solutions, but on the right side of the enclosure is an I / O expansion busbar that is 10 times faster than conventional solutions. In addition, Modicon controllers allow expansion by plugging them into newly developed Modicon TM3 expansion modules. Up to 14 terminals can be added to a controller without tools. When the terminals are connected, they are connected to both the 24V DC power supply and the fastest integrated expansion busbar. In the device where the new security system modules can be added to the controllers via the TM3 I / O busbar, special configurations; can be installed separately. Standard I / O modules and safety relays can also be created in different configurations on the same expansion bus without the need for additional safety relays.

A large number of different safety and function modules can be implemented in compliance with safety standards. (eg in the use of presses and other applications anda) These modules offer maximum flexibility while reducing installation times and space requirements. I / O and security terminals can be added to the right side of the PLC and additional communication modules can be added to the left side with the Modicon TM4 busbar. With additional modules up to three, this controller offers extra capacity for customization with additional interfaces to perform even the most demanding communication tasks. The M241, with its easy data processing capability, can be read with a QR code printed on the enclosure and an application loaded on the smartphone. This QR code, which can be sent to Schneider Electric, prevents any misunderstandings that may arise when communicating with Schneider Electric's service or support personnel.

Easily accessible to the data, the M241 stores program and firmware data on SD cards, so it can be accessed without the need for a PC.

The Modicon M241 system design is based on SoMachine, a tool-based engineering package developed for all control devices of the MachineStruxure multi-controller platform. The controller programs can be set in the common languages ​​of the IEC 61131-3 standard and can be switched between different Modicon controllers.

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