Asfora Plus

Schneider Electric adds color to your home with its new ’Asfora Plus priz series switches and sockets. The new yarat Asfora Plus ği series, which keeps security at the highest level, draws attention with its 4 different color options and the opportunity to create its own concept.

As a global expert in energy management, Schneider Electric offers a range of i Asfora Plus ider switches and sockets to add a different touch to the decoration of your spaces with its four color alternatives and attractive design.



Asfora Plus has four eye-catching colors, bronze, steel, anthracite and aluminum.

Easy assembly and maximum safety

Asfora Plus brings elegance to the living areas with its pearl appearance while adding value with its non-fading, scratch-resistant top surface. In addition, ı Asfora Plus ilebilir is an easy-to-install structure, and thanks to the connection diagram at the back of the mechanism, it provides the most accurate and easiest cable connection. Thanks to the easy-to-handle and usable cable latches, wiring and removal work faster.

The u Asfora Plus ıyla series, where the safety is kept at the highest level, minimizes the risk of short circuit and electric shock with its unique design that directs the cable terminal inlets and cables directly to the terminal.