G2RV İndustrial Relay


Omron has taken the Relay 4.0 and G2RV industrial relay series to the next level, designed for intelligent automation in the future Smart Factory. Thanks to the lockable test switch added to the G2RV series relays, operators and engineers have the advantage of testing the functionality of a panel, machine or system.
The test switch has a rotating protective cover to prevent accidental operation. In addition, this cover can be used for example; it allows operators in a dangerous environment to see that the switch is protected when viewed from a distance.
Single original thin industrial relay
Omron's G2RV series is the only original thin industrial relay on the market. Thus, G2RV offers a wide range of benefits to machine manufacturers and panel manufacturers. Although it has a width of only 6 mm, it provides all the durability and reliability required for industrial applications. This makes it ideal for compact panels and equipment.
In the center of the industrial G2RV relay, there is a strong mechanical pin with a large contact surface between the socket and the relay, providing high conductivity and reliable connection. It is almost impossible to obtain a patented switch design with a rotating protective cap via adaptation from an existing PCB relay.
Industrial relay with unlimited features
The G2RV is an industrial relay with a LED indicator, a mechanical indicator and a transparent case as standard. Easy to use with PLCs and push-in terminals make cabling fast and reliable. A wide range of 6 different coil voltage variants are available, which can switch up to 6 A. In addition, the series includes ’’ input ’V relays specifically designed to reliably switch sensitive loads, such as 30 VAC or 50 mA input signals. Different accessory and PLC cable options (Omron and other cables on the market, with connectors) make the G2RV series ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.

As with all Omron products, the G2RV relay series with patented, lockable protection cover test switches are manufactured with the highest quality and comply with relevant international standards including CE, VDE and cUlus.