Omron Dealers Meeting ...


We met our dealers to increase our performance together

Turkey dealer experts scattered throughout, offering a wide portfolio of products and services together with mechatronics center and system integrator, Omron industrial automation sector Hilton in Istanbul with business partners in recent days as the leading brand of met in Kozyatağı Hotel spoke of the future plans and vision.




Omron's growing organizational structure, which aims to not increase its potential with its business partners in the new period, will be held in the next period's planning, expanding product family and new digital dealer portal. The current portfolio in Motion, Control, Detection, Panel Components, Visual Inspection and Safety product groups was introduced to their dealers.

With its new launch of the basic machine controller NJ1 and the fastest machine automation controller NX7, NX7 shortens the installation time by more than 50% and is designed to meet all safety application needs with its ultra-slim design. With the E3S-DB offering a new benchmark for industrial sensors, the new generation of industrial relays, G2RV, with its S8VK series of power supplies and patented lockable switches, make a difference with sales figures.


With its high-resolution models, code reading and verification, and FQ2 smart camera with built-in lighting options, FH2 has a new and extremely efficient visual inspection algorithm, high-speed image bus, quad-core processing and FH visual inspection systems with fast EtherCAT features.

In addition, due to the successful work carried out by the Istanbul and Anatolian Sales Managers for long years in the organization, seniority plaques were presented to the regional dealers while the sector and Omron's positioning were discussed with the question and answer section at the end of the meeting.

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