New NJ1 and NX7 Machine Automation Controllers

Yeni NX7 ve NJ1 makine kontrolörlerimizi çıkarttık. Bu ürünler, Sysmac Otomasyon Platformunun (bundan böyle kısaca “Sysmac” olarak anılacaktır) kalbinde bulunan Makine Otomasyon Kontrolörleri serisini daha da genişletmektedir. NX7 ve NJ1 ürünlerinin piyasaya çıkartılması, son teknoloji gelişmiş üretim sistemlerinden basit makinelere kadar geniş bir otomasyon çözümleri dizisinin oluşmasını sağlamaktadır.

Industry's Fastest * Machine Automation Controller NX7
New NX7; It is a flagship model that delivers speed without compromise and is the fastest * processing speed in the industry thanks to the Intel® Core ™ i7 quad-core processor and large memory capacity. By focusing on the future of sophisticated production facilities using IoT, we have developed this integrated controller that provides scalability to users outside the framework of older processors and PLCs.

* Processing Speed. Based on our research in March 2015.


Basic Machine Controller NJ1

The scalability of the machine controllers is complemented by the new NJ1, which allows the Sysmac solution to fit into existing production equipment. NJ1 is the most basic Machine Automation Controller with 2 axes and fully compliant with NJ5 / NJ3 Machine Automation Controllers. Sharing a common concept, dimensions, general specifications and functions, NJ1 is ideal for machines with no servo axes or few axes. With its architecture that can quickly adapt to the latest and latest information communication technology (ICT), Sysmac offers a highly innovative and innovative manufacturing environment. It does this by combining third-party factory automation equipment and design tools such as 3D simulators, creating a variety of different application functionalities.

Respond To Global Trend
Today's manufacturing companies are under pressure to respond quickly to a growing range of new consumer needs and aspirations. This pressure has led these companies to renovate and develop their manufacturing and production facilities by utilizing IoT, Big Data and other ICT developments. Foreseeing these changes in the requirements of manufacturing companies, we have focused on further developing Sysmac and other innovative factory automation devices to further develop and enhance the service and engineering support we offer to manufacturers.

Sysmac Automation Platform

Since the launch of NJ5 in 2011, we have developed and introduced application solutions including database connectivity and robotic functions. We have also expanded the range of peripheral devices such as High-speed I / O Units, Drive, Security Components and Image Processing Sensors. This new version of Machine Automation Controllers enables Sysmac to be easily adopted and adapted to its production facilities. By further developing the benefits of Sysmac, we create innovative solutions by utilizing Sensing and Control technology, accumulated know-how and collaborations with third parties.

Take a look at the advantages of our Sysmac-all-in-one Automation Platform.