VPU Surge Protection

Solutions for your need for protection from lightning strikes and overvoltages


Security systems for your buildings


There is a need for a wide range of reliable overvoltage protection modules of high importance, which are highlighted in the IEC / EN 61643-11 standard for 2012. We offer new VPU series lightning and surge protection modules as a solution to these requirements. Based on the technology consisting of a combination of varistor-gas discharge tube, this series meets the current international standards and offers you the highest degree of protection. These modules directly affect your planning process as well as protecting your facility. Compliance with standards that have been valid for at least 5 years, minimizes your planning for renewal and the need to redesign your system. Many intelligent features in the features of the product make it easy for you to install and maintain the lightning and surge protection. The VPU series provides a long-lasting, safe and forward-looking lightning and surge protection solution for your plant.