Modicon M251

       Schneider Electric, a worldwide specialist in energy management, has introduced the new Modicon M251 controller, which is capable of communicating over the machine and communication within the same network. Modicon M251; With two Ethernet ports and a built-in Ethernet switch, it can communicate in parallel over two Ethernet networks and, if desired, can serve as the Ethernet master device in one of these systems.



         The Modicon M251, which can act as a line controller, provides a turnkey solution for use as central intelligence in modular machines and systems with distributed architectures. In addition, the controller can perform large-scale communication tasks of machines with impressive performance reserves, allowing it to work consistently with short cycle times at the same time.


As an alternative to Ethernet main communication, Modicon M251 also offers the Canopen communication version with the same functions. Canopen PLC supports up to 63 devices. It also includes a USB port for programming in all types, as well as a Web server that allows remote access from mobile devices.

The Modicon M251 is designed not to include I / O terminals. However, with an expansion busbar, users can add I / O modules to the controller. On the right side of the enclosures for all controllers, including the Modicon M251, there is an I / O expansion busbar that is 10 times faster than conventional solutions.

Modicon controllers provide flexible and customizable expansion by installing separate I / O configurations to the newly developed Modicon TM3 expansion modules, while up to 14 terminals can be added.

In addition, the new machine safety system modules can be connected to the control devices via the TM3 I / O busbar. The new TM3 machine safety modules increase the diabetic, monitoring characteristics of the machine safety system.

Numerous and different standard safety modules and function modules allow safety functions to be implemented in compliance with the standards, while reducing installation time and offering great flexibility. It can also be added to the right side of I / O security terminals and additional communication modules can be added to the left side with the Modicon TM4 busbar.

The Modicon M251 has easy data processing and can be sent to Schneider Electric with the QR code printed on its housing. QR code; It avoids any misunderstanding that may arise when communicating with Schneider Electric's service or support personnel.

The Modicon M251 features easy data processing and user data is easily accessible. User can store program and firmware data on SD cards and data can be accessed without the need for a computer. The Modicon M251 system design is based on SoMachine, a tool-based engineering package developed for all control devices of the MachineStruxure multi-controller platform. The controller programs can be created in the common languages ​​of IEC 61131-3 and can be switched between different Modicon controllers.